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    I am so scared. I just called to set up an appt with my DUI school. They will also require me to go to AA meetings. But… I am TERRIFIED. I’m so scared of having to say “hi, my name is ****, and I am an alcoholic”. I’m not sure if I am/was one or not. I’m so confused. I had only been drinking for a few months before the incident. And only 2 days out of the month. I never drank alone. and never thought about drinking when i wasn’t. I used to consider myself a social drinker (for those few months). My problem with alcohol was that when i drank, i drank too much… blacked out and threw up almost every single time i drank… and made bad choices every single time as well.

    I don’t have any cravings for alcohol, never did. Ugh, I wish I had never started drinking.. it ruined my life…..

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