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    Im over 3 weeks in again, feel totally fine and no urge to get wasted.

    Im really struggling with something else just now though and I was sitting here thinking I wish i could ask someone for advice then i thought well maybe I could post on here?

    I hate my job. It stresses me out, leaves me with 0 free time and leaves me a feeling of dread with each evening. Some of the things that get me stressed are due to personal faults/development points like not being able to people manage very well. Some of it is just because its a stressfull job. I want to quit but I dont know where to go, nothing thats advertised looks even the slightest bit appealing.

    I know theres alot of personal work I could do on myself to make the job easier day to day but i’ll be honest it just seems overwhelming right now. I’m not lazy in my work ethic and id like to think im not stupid, i spent 5 years at university.

    I dont know what to do and it feels like I cant stop my mind from racing constantly, should I pack up and go travelling for a while or is that just running away? should I wait until I get another job before leaving? do I just tell em Im leaving now so I can stop feeling ill at the prospect of going in everyday?

    My mind is going at a million miles an hour. Im just on my own, i dont have a family depending on my income but I still feel the pressure not to quit.

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