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    I never wanted to stay on the subs any longer than about a month. And in that month I decided that I could live daily without depending on a pill to make my day worth getting up to. I hope the withdrawals aren’t real bad, like with the restless legs and that. I can handle the headaches, as I’m used to them for the most part lol. As far as more treatment goes, I dropped out of my therapists group. I would have to pay 15 bux a week to go there. This time of year, we need to save money so our kids have a nice Christmas, plus my oldest daughter’s birthday is coming up very quickly. I just didn’t see the point of being put in a group that I have to pay for, when I can still get the same kind of group atmosphere at AA or NA. So, I’m going to hit up some meetings, when I find one close. The one I’d picked before, my friend said someone asked him if he wanted dope there. If someone was outside selling pills, I probably would be likely to buy them 🙁 I don’t know why people do this, I guess it’s their karma though.

    Today I’m 27 days clean 😀 I’m damn near a month. This month has been one complete daze. It’s all fuzzy, and seems to be running oh so slow. :a122:

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