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    Hi guys and gals 😉

    Its me,I felt the need to start over here and lose all the negative in my life.Im sure you understand.

    Im 6 days sober today!! 🙂

    Went to another AA meeting this morning but left in less than 5 minutes,reason being there were 2 drunk guys staggering around the room and I started getting irritated when they kept staring at me.This was an innercity meeting,I just dont have much patience with people right now so I figured before I say sumfin Ill regret,Ill just move on.

    I have a meeting tonight where Ill recognize some faces so I just wait until later.I feel pretty good,still in major pain from broken ribs but overall not too bad.I went shopping today and bought some new clothes,just for the “new” me! lol

    Ill be in touch.

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