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    Hi All,
    I am not an alcoholic, but am the wife (soon to be ex) of one. In the past 5 months he has been sober maybe only two weeks total. He has alcoholic liver disease, had diabetes (but drinking lowered his blood sugar), severe muscle wasting and was hospitalized for a week last year and again this year for alcohol induced rhabdoymyolysis (acute alcoholic myopathy). In any event, he has been on steady decline for the past couple of months, to where he is drinking around the clock now, just drinks and passes out, drinks and passes out. Doesn’t fish, play golf, doesn’t even work. He is extremely drunk on a constant basis, can’t even hold a conversation, and actually I believe hallucinates conversations that never took place. He can barely walk, and has to hold on to everything, he falls constantly. I can’t do this anymore, and the final straw was yesterday when he cleared out his IRA (he’s not 59 yet) and I’m going to be stuck w/the taxes. He doesn’t care, he’s going to move away.
    In any event, my adults kids seem to think that he is very late stage alcoholic, and it’s only a matter of time before he dies or is institutionalized. Now, all my kids have read “under the influence”, and so have I, plus we reguarly follow the Alanon program, and attend open AA meetings when we can.
    My questions are: does this really sound like late stage to you? If so, when does the death or institutionalization come in? How does one know whether they need to be institutionalized because of wet brain, psychosis or is it just plain drunk 24/7? I know alcoholics hate when I say this but I know and have accepted the fact that he can/will never stop drinking. It is way beyond his control. He was sober for 15 years without a single relapse, and has been drinking for the last 8 years. In the past two years, he has been in rehab 3 times, and each time was able to maintain about 3 mons. sobriety, before going back worse than before. Now he cannot remain sober, it’s just not happening, even after his hospital stay.
    I am taking care of me, I do for me, but I just would like to know, for ME, what am I in store for.
    Any feedback is appreciated.

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