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    hey guys ive been an addict for 3 years now and each month i get a prescription from my doctor for #90 LORTAB 10/500mg. In the past few days I didnt have any tabs so I had few copys of my order and I went to walgreens and walmart and CSV and handed them over asking for them to be filled. On each one i said that I didnt have insurance so i could pick them up in the end I ended picking up all 3 of the prescriptions. all 3 pickups went without a problem. I was just seeking more info about this does someone track this? FDA? is this safe? will it come back to my doctor saying why is he prescribing him three times a month? whats the worse that could happen? I decided to get clean and a friend is helping me with SUBOXONE it makes all the difference. Thanks in advance guys.

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