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    Since I started drinking at the beginning of college, I have never gone more than a week or so without it. I just decided to quit and am doing fine, but I am trying to figure out the ways in which life gets so much better in sobriety. Obviously I feel better without hangovers and not regretting things that happen when I am drunk. But I am also feeling emotions that I usually can avoid by drinking. For example, I am trying to distance myself from certain people in my new sober life. The first example is my best friend. I am distancing from him because I know he is an alcoholic and I think we enable each other. Whenever we hang out it usually involves drinking. Also, I’ve stopped pursuing my SO because I am trying to find someone who appreciates me more. Finally, my other (non-alcoholic) best friend moved a couple weeks ago. So I am grappling with a lot of loss in my life right now. I have read on here that people’s lives improved after they put the bottle down.

    Could anyone share subtle or major ways their lives got better after they sobered up? That would really inspire me to stay sober during this time. Thanks.

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