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    Hi All –

    I want to introduce myself. I am new to 12 Step National Meetings, but have been really impressed by all of your posts and support. I am constantly amazed by the care that you all show for one another, especially those in need.

    My story quickly –

    – The tremendous personal stress that I put on myself is my main character defect that drove me to be a “at home, after the kids go to bed (mostly)” drinker (read this as “control freak”)
    – Almost 9 months sober
    – AA, working on 4th-6th step right now with sponsor
    – Pretty high bottom, but was progressing downward quickly

    Best part of being sober
    – Regaining positive momentum while developing new life tools to relax and take one day at a time

    Worst part of being sober
    – Having to re-learn how to live life and deal with a lot of the pain, stress, and fear that I was covering up using alcohol

    I look forward to contributing.

    I am grateful to be part of this group.


    (New) ME as of 1/11/09

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