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    Ok so my bf (currently ex?) Anyway he &as been smoking crack for about a year but not like everyday which it don’t matter smoking is smoking but he just recently got pretty bad off. I kicked him out almost two moths ago and it got way worse . Well he got really bad and I caught him smoking Friday two days after he got out of detox I flipped and have not been speaking to him. I finally spoke to him about stuff tday and he basically says he wants to drink 1 beer and we all know where one beer leads and he wants to smoke a joint but not as much as he use to which dnt get me wrong I’ve never bass big problem with the weed im just worried that that will lead to other stuff dies it even sound like he is trying? or am I reading to much into this? Im trying to figure out if it is worth me even wqiting to see if he changes. We have kids together and I have to speak to him regardless and I love him so much but I’m tired of hurting over him. Anyone recovered care to give some imput? id really like to hear what an addict has to say rather than a family member bc yall ha(e been in his shoes not mine Ty

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