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    so here I am today at day 40. My brother called me and my mom is in the emergency with acute kidney failur. From there she was put in intensive care. Of course I drove immediatly to the airport to take a flight, when I get a phone call from my exBF. When I saw his call I answered and told him my mother is in intensive care and may not make it, I am on my way to the airport. So he listens and then starts that he needs me to help him call a 1800 number to get money refunded for a travel he is not able to take. Of course he waited till the last minute and has 5 minutes before he has to leave the house and he was wondering if I could take care of it for him. What the f…..? Am I loosing my mind or shouldn’t I expect some I am sorry, is there anything I can do for you, I know it is a hard time, let me know how I can help kind of things? Or at least a well I hope she is better, let me know? But this, asking em instead to help him get a refund? This is just soooooo unbelievable. So please let me know if I am mistaken here or he is just a big moron and I should kick his b……:c020:

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