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    I haven’t posted on this site in several months. I have been struggling a fair bit with staying sober, so have kept quiet for a while but have still been checking in and reading other peoples posts. Anyway, something completely unexpected happened to me this morning and I am too shocked to know what to do… i found out that I am pregnant. it’s so unexpected because I have been told by doctors that I will be unable to concieve without help because of a medical condition. I am 28 and have for my whole adult life thought that i can not fall pregnant.
    Anyway, I know now that I need to stop drinking cold turkey and I am pretty scared. I’m also terrified about telling my partner, we have been together for only 3 months, he is a lot older than me and has grown children and I know he really doesn’t want more. And i assured him only last nite that it wont happen with me. He’s a decent man but I know he’s going to be angry. But my main worry is how I am going to not drink.
    Is anybody else out there in a similar situation? Or does anybody have any advice? Thank you nfor listening..

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