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    I am a new member to 12 Step National Meetings in the last 2 days. I have spent hours on end reading about you all and have posted a few times. I wish I new about 12 Step National Meetings in 2004. I can tell this is a special place for a lot of people and I think it is great.

    My fight with alcohol is a terrible story and after all I have been through it is still trying to get me to bite – even this weekend was a challenge, twice, but I won.

    Everyone wants to tell their story and I am no different. If you are interested read on. It literally could be a novel but I will try to be brief.

    In 2004 at an age of 38 I was feeling ill and went to the Dr. He did blood tests and called me back asap. He was shocked at my numbers and said I was near the end if I don’t stop drinking. I did.

    A couple weeks later I was feeling terrible and I started to turn yellow(jaundice) and one of my testis swole up the size of a baseball. I went to my daughters’ rodeo with ice pack in hand and watched from the truck.

    On the way back home I was so bad that my wife (at the time) said it was time to go to the ER. Start the nightmare. That night they told me I had end stage liver disease and would be surprised if I lived another 10 days. Yes, 10 days, I felt fine and strong 3 weeaks ago, WTF.

    I am teering up right now, this is the first time I have told my story to strangers.

    I was in and out of the hospital for about 6 weeks and things were looking grim. Several rush trips to the ER. While waiting to see a doctor on one of the visits I felt nautious and went to the restroom to throw up. Blood came dripping from my nose and that was it – full on bleed out. They gave me a trache w/transfusions and I barely made it through the night.

    For the next two weeks I stayed in Phoenix, most of the time I was in a coma. Come to find out I was in ICU on morphine waiting to die. They could do nothing for me.

    My parents refused to accept this and in desperation flew me to Florida on a small medical jet with two nurses. They basically said here is our son – don’t let him die!

    I went from 250 pounds to 127 very quickly and had so many machines attached to me my Mom couldn’t even touch me.

    By the grace of god a donor liver that matched was received in 9 days. They said I was so far gone that I only had a 5% chance of surviving the transplant.

    Well, I did.

    I was in ICU for the next 3 months. I had a serious siezure, blood fungus, drop foot (neuropathy) and many more complications. I had to learn to walk again, talk again, eat again, etc. I’m trying my best to give the Cliff’s notes

    I was released and went home and it took 10 months to recover to the point that I could be alone and function. I was glad to see the “walker” go into the garage.

    When my liver failed my kidney’s took a hit and I currently am at Stage Four kidney disease.

    That’s not all. In the first year that I felt good, my wife left me, I lost my career, I lost my house and spent 10 more days in the hospital with a serious DVT(deep vein thrombosis).

    For those of you that actually read all this I want you to know that it can turn bad very quickly and with not much warning.

    Yes I still struggle with this even after all that I went through and all that I have been blessed with. I did stumble a couple times after the divorce and being fired but in the last couple years I am doing pretty damn good. I will hopefully live to see my daughters marry and have children for me to be a grandpa to.

    Thank you for reading this and I hope that I can post some helpful advice/motivation in the future for those who are trying to better themselves.

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