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    I have watched in envy here as people said they stopped drinking and their blood pressure came back to normal while mine did not. I thought ,oh well. I know people that have never drank and have it also.
    I have always tested it from time to time to see how long I can go without any medicine before it starts coming back up.(I bought a blood pressure machine years ago when I found out I had it).
    About 2 months ago it quit going back up! My blood pressure is picture perfect with no medicine. It took 2 years,but it happened. I have now been sober 2 years and 3 months.
    Of course other things have contributed to it. I started going to the gym not long after quitting. It was taking longer and longer before it would start to climb again,and what I think put it in check was when I started drinking whey.
    I see people at the gym drinking whey like I used to drink beer,so I started drinking a whey shake every morning. That is when I started really noticing it staying normal. I got to looking on the internet and there are studies that show whey does lower blood pressure.
    But if I was still drinking, I wouldn’t be going to any gym,and this never would have came to be.
    I took blood pressure medicine for around 12 years!
    Miracles do happen when we stop drinking. It might not happen overnight,but it does happen. HANG IN THERE.

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