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    the 3 most important words every addict needs to have engraved in their heads.

    I promise you it gets better. Addicts in general are very, instant gratification type people. I want to get high and i want it now. I want my rewards. then you decide the pain of drug use is not worth it and you make a real effort to stop only to find out life is not all peaches and cream, some of it starts to hurt, physically and emotionally. the stuff you put off. the bills, the EX, the job, the weight gain or loss, whatever.

    it gets better.

    when you pass up drugs, there is not going to be a marching band behind you giving you a pep rally. This is what normal people do everyday, chris rock said it best what you want a cookie lol? There is no overwhelming high for not doing drugs.When you pay a bill instead of paying the dope man you wont’ get a rush.

    This is what I believe gets most addicts. It is what got me for a while.

    But it gets better. Eventually you will be able to do things that you could not do. I have a social life now. I can go to the movies and go on dates and stuff and go to resturants, feels GREAT. something i could not have dreamt of doing in my using days. My mom actually gave me her brand spanking 1k laptop yesterday to install some stuff on it, would not have even thought twice about doing that a year ago. And I gave it back! lol.

    Being able to call my mom on mothers day and take her out to eat, at a real restaurant, and pay for it, makes it worth it. Being able to pay your rent in advance instead of doing the landlord because you are 2 months behind, feels great. Not having to run to the toilet every time you get paid, feels great.

    It’s a sunday night. I’m about to wrap up work, watch me some law and order, might even cook a steak to go with it. And then go to sleep at a decent hour, and wake up and go to the gym in the morning. Just slowly building my confidence and self esteem back up. I don’t want to lose all that by screwing up.

    I promise you it gets better. just tie a knot in the end of the rope and hold on.

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