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    Hi All,

    First i want to thank you you for all your kind replies to my posts over the last few weeks.

    However after 51 days (just over 7 weeks) i think Alcohol has beaten me, i really just want to have a drink and to be honest get DRUNK.

    The so called withdrawals (PAWS/Extended withdrawls) have finally driven me crazy enougth to think thats it, i quit, quitting i am going to get drunk and to hell with the anxiety, Stress, worries, twitching, headaches, and you know what yeah they maybe there in the morning but guess what so will my beer and if there is something wrong with me F… I. i will deal with it when it happens, but i will be drunk until then (was always a happy drunk) and happy, not a pain in the arse to be around and moaning all day everyday about my headaches or my twitching and worrying everyone whats wrong with me.

    Good Luck You All


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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