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    I have a problem with alcohol,its getting to the point now where i have no control over my behavior when i drink.

    I drink every once in a while but when i do the consequences of my drinking cause me to feel depressed and a complete mess,i have tried switching to half lagers and pacing myself but i know now i cant do it anymore,il end up dead.

    I went out friday night,and when i woke in the morning i decided i would like to carry on,so went to my local pub and made such a fool of myself,i was fighting with men,i was drinking double vodkas which i clearly didnt need,and at the time i knew i didnt need them but i just caried on regardless.

    Thats how i know i have no control over myself when i drink,i make disgracefull decisions and act like a complete a**hole.

    I am glad tho of one thing and that is the fact that i can finally admit to myself that this cant happen anymore,i am sick of feeling this way and blaming myactions on other people.

    Thanks for giving me a place to air my troubles xx

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