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    well i cant beleive it , but then i can but what seemed a lifetime away is here today. I can recall where I was exactly what I was doing 5 yrs ago today . today 5 yrs ago I was commin clean with what had happened to my family and wasnt no easy task, will they beleive me will they be mad at me , will they support me . I was soo scared of admitting to another human being the natures of my wrongs , And my family has stood behind me 1000% . What a big breath I took after saying it outloud. I knew I was going to be OK as long as I had there support . Theres many out there that stuggle with telling loved one, shame guilt embarasment , and sooo many other feeling that we hid inside each glass or bottle . Im here to say , yes it was hard but in the end it made a differance in staying sober in my life , They knew all along I was a alkie but its hard for a loved one to call you out on it , My family just accepted me for who I was . And prayed one day that I would come to find Im worth more to myself and others sober. I was on the top of a peaked roof and I could of fallen either way, Staying drunk im my own self pity of its so so’s fault or find the will and way to get myself help. I choose to get help and Im so greatful to my HP for being in my life and showing me a softer more easier way, I dont know how to repay other then share my experiences with those who still suffer and hope I can make an impact on there lifes to change . It is possible were proof of that … Thanks 12 Step National Meetings for giving me a place I can feel at home and meet some fantasic ppl who share the same things .. peace out all :bday2

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