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    anybody else encounter this situation/roadblock?

    i have been sober since june 15 2010, and a week before that i lost my job due to my drinking…i’m almost at a year sober.

    but i haven’t had a job since. and now that i’m going nuts trying to find works (for instance, i JUST had a job interview about an hour ago)…and everybody seems to hint at the “why haven’t you worked in so long/ what have you been doing?”.

    i know a year layoff of work may be bad/negative etc., not arguing with that…

    but it is such a tough one to take in to feel like i am being labeled lazy due to the fact that i haven’t had a job, and instead had to focus on staying sober and alive.

    but at the same time i know it isn’t smartest to tell a random boss/manager “well i’m an alcoholic and took time to recover”.

    GRR. this was a rant more then anything, but any feedback is welcome

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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