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    Any advice? My job history for the last 15 years is spotty at best (hmmm how’d that happen?) Woke up and I’m 37. Just had a go a time share sales. Lasted a week. The manager gave me an evil look when I asked about financing rates, opportunity costs etc. Darn my economics degree. I couldn’t sell a product that a customers could buy on on eBay for 1/4 the price we were selling it for. The financing skirted state usury laws (which in az is “whatever is reasonable”). Customers were thrown every dirty trick in the book and sold on monthly payments. I did get my real-estate lisc out of it. My credit is horrible and am feeling insecure going forward. Any suggestions/words of wisdom? I feel excited about rebuilding my life would appreciate some perspective from some of you who were where i am and made it work. Thanks in advance. EW

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