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    Hi All,

    Wonder if I can your advice on something. I started a new job in a city a couple of hours from my home. It’s a three month contract so renting an apartment is difficult so I’ve been staying in hotels/b&bs during the week. Fist week on the job I drank one evening to blackout and ended up chipping my tooth, tearing clothes and not to mention causing a raucous where I was staying. I went to work the next day but must have stank of alcohol. I went to two AA meetings the following days but didn’t share (find it difficult talk about personal things in groups – I really want to get over this though). Anyway I drank again the next week for one night and again arrived in work the worse for wear again.

    Over Christmas I again missed work for a few days (surpassingly due to difficulty traveling with snow but in reality drinking). My boss sounded ok in email but I could tell he wasn’t impressed. Again this week I didn’t turn up either – the latest excuse if that I have flu.

    I went to a meeting last night and did share. The problem I have is that I’m not sure whether I can hold down a job at the moment. I can survive financially without it (just about) – I’m wondering if I should throw in the towel now with the job and concentrate in getting sober time and getting to mettings? Ideally I would like to do something else in terms of work so I could explore this as well.

    Just wanted to get your thoughts on this.

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