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    Well as most of you know. I kicked the 10 year habit I had in ’09, the only drink I had in that year was at a celebration at a race. I drank about a six pack of Budlight. Pretty much uneventful afterwards. I was stoked about it but still decided to remain a non drinker. Well my mother passed here a week or so ago and I figured I’d have a couple drinks with my family. I had 2 Coffee cups full of wine. Went to bed, woke up felt fine… That was on Saturday. Life was great as usual until about Wedesday…. HOLY COW, it’s like I’m fighting PAWS all over again! And its just about as bad as it was the last time (Which lasted about 50 days) Jesus all I can do is pray that it don’t. However, since Wednesday it’s been whoopin my ass. It pretty much starts when I wake up in the morning till I lay down at night. Luckly I do have Emergency Benzos for this type of situation.

    This is just another reminder and lesson, that we can NEVER go back… NOT EVEN ONE DRINK OR SO. I thought there was no way a couple drinks could put me back at day one with PAWS..

    Sorry I let everyone down including myself. :c020:

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