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    Hey guys, I just got some bad new about my brother. They found a tumor behind his eye. A doctor from Duke University is involved in his case and is wanting to do one cat scan per week for the next several weeks to see the rate at which it’s growing.
    When my mom died, he and I began ‘partying’ together hardcore…(cocaine). Well since I’ve been in recovery, I haven’t really talked to him. I did see him at a family reunion a few months ago, and nothing with him had changed…he pulled me aside asking if I could get him some coke, and so on. I decided that he would hurt my recovery if I was around him, and I haven’t spoke to him since.
    I’m very worried about my niece and nephew…just a few years ago, their mother, and his wife of 18 years went out into their backyard and committed suicide by putting a shotgun up under her chin and pulling the trigger…I’m almost 100% sure it was drug related…she used coke also and my brother was ‘high’ the night this happened.
    I just don’t know how I’m gonna handle this situation. I know that my mom would want me to be there for him, but wouldn’t want me to risk my recovery either. So, I called my Aunt, mom’s sister and she said to just wait to see what the doctor is going to do after the cat scans and to maybe send him a card telling him that he’s in my prayers and that I’m thinking about him…but, I just feel so guilty about not calling.

    This situation is coming at a really bad time for me because I’ve really been on shaky ground here lately…craving, going through some depression, etc.

    Please keep my brother in your prayers,


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