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    Here is my story I will keep it as short as possible because I know you could all care less. I have been constantly high for the past 15 months and on and off prior to this. My drug of choice is opiate mainly heroin,oxycontin,fentanyl, and several other pain medications I shoved down my throat over the past couple years. I finally came to realize that this is probably not in the best interest of my health. As I type this I just received a phone call I am on the phone now a so called “friend” called me offering to sell me percocepts and ocs for a very dirt cheap price. I somehow god knows how managed to say no thanks I am doing fine right now, but in reality I am in hell right now. I seriously am comtemplating on calling him back to say sure bring em on down but I know this would not do me any good. I visted my doctor yesturday and came clean and told him all this was going on. He was not very shocked to hear the news and told me he knows I have some stashed away that I should dispose of. So I go to the pharmacy and get several drugs Lexapro, Dicyclomine, Clonidine, and Robaxin. He gives me a 5 day supply and tells me I can detox at home with minimal stress with these drugs. Well here I am struggling to get through the rest of day 1 and I know I will probably not get any sleep. So this brings me to my main question I have for anyone here is this a normal combination of drugs to minimize withdrawal symtoms and how do you get past the first couple days I have been constantly high 24/7 and have spent alot of time and money to have nothing to show for it. I really do want to get clean but my body really wants to not be sick like this and keeps saying in the back of my mind you need more dope. So I am really jittery sitting here possibly about to go get more and keep lying to myself that its just gonna be one more time. Im sure this may be farmiliar to some of you guys with the struggle of just trying to get through a couple days sober but for me it is a struggle to get through a couple hours. My regular dose of Heroin is a $200 gram bag of raw unprocessed heroin and if its OC then I will buy 4-8 80MG pills. I really just need some input and felt I had to get this off my chest or I would have left the house to pick up some D.

    Im sorry if I maybe put in to many details but nobody in my family and a select few of my friends know about my condition. I really do want to clean myself up but am struggling very severely please tell me that tomorrow will improve if not I am unsure if I can stand to go through it. I really dont want to give up on myself and I know I am the only one that can do it, but it just seems like maybe some people are harder to fix than others. Anyways I really appreciate any help at all I am really doing bad and people are constantly calling me trying to push more drugs asking whats wrong you dont have money? One of my dealers has even offered to get me off of my sickness for free. All of these offers are proof in my opinion that they are not trying to help me get unsick they are trying to keep my business and my money by giving me a free fix. Anyways I said I would keep it short so I will end it here.

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