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    I’ve been unemployed for a year. Recently got some good news that a relative would back a business I want to start. I would need to work for a year to save my part of the start up money. I am having trouble getting motivated even in light of this awesome news. Its hard to explain its like I’m wearing concrete shoes the way I feel.

    I know I need to get up early, have a list made for each day, check off the list as I do the things I need to be doing (most importantly looking for work), but my day rarely goes like that. I just feel blah. A close friend of mine is going through the same thing in AA. He is a gym rat, and the last two weeks he has complained several times to me that all he does is work and go to the gym and sit on his couch and he feels unfulfilled.

    Have you guys found a way to light the fire under your butt and get excited about life? I am even open to tough love at this point.

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