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    Anyway, here’s my story long and short of it, I’ve had back pain for a long time, got fed up with doctors not believing me, so I sought out my own way of pain relief. I came up with using dried opium poppy pods to make tea with them. I have a very high tolerance for substances of any kind, so that is why my doses were so high, even though I never got mentally high after my first usage.

    I took 6 Mammoth pods in the beginning per day, near the end I was up to 20 Mammoths per day. I used them every single day for 2+ years, same dosing everytime until I needed to increase dosage.

    Went to a doc for help getting off, said I wouldn’t be able to do it myself, so I decided to do it anyway, tapering off for 1 month from 20 down to 1-2. When I finally quit 20 days ago it was awful and whatnot, but I truely wanted my life to stop being ran by them. (yes it was the worse pain of my life, not making it sound like it was easy).

    But I really only have a few questions for anyone who has used this much opium for so long,

    How long is the insomnia going to last? I had Clonopin perscribed to me after 100+ hours of no sleep. I have stretched out the 15mg they gave me to only take 1 every 3 days, as not to be addicted.

    When will the Diarreah subside?

    and the waves of depression.

    I have been using whey protein for brain reconstruction, trying to eat as many solid things as I can, I have been walking about 5 miles a week, working out with freeweights for endorphines.

    Now don’t get me wrong, I’m feeling a lot better, I look like a stud instead of a freak with hollowed eyes. Lots of muscle gain, almost 4 inches, weight loss, etc. but the insomnia is freaking killing me, nothing works cept the clonopin/clonazepam. When I do sleep on my own during the days I skip taking the Rx the sleep is very little and filled with vivid dreams that keep me up.

    So basically, if anyone has done THIS much crap, everyday for 2+ years straight, and quit. Can you let me know how long it took for your opiate receptors to grow back or unfry?

    P.S. I just caught a cold too, so that’s not helping, taking airborne.

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