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    Tomorrow 1 year ago was my last hangover. My last last drunk began about six hours from now one year ago. I had gone to the grocery store to purchase food without the direct intent of buying alcohol. Bacardi was running a mojito promotion that caught my eye. A bottle of rum with a mojito specific masher for lime. Thought it would be fun. Bought it with the intent of using it the next day at the party. Didn’t happen; downed the whole bottle in an hour or two. Made phone calls I don’t remember and regret. Threw a very nice watch at a very nice flat panel TV (both destroyed) Blacked out. My drinking pattern was mild maintenance with a heavy binge every other week or so. I would ride my bike for 20-40 miles and chug 2 stele reserves. In retrospect I realize this was creating a speed ball effect. I felt sane an balanced. Alert and relaxed. Everything that caused anxiety was removed and I KNEW everything would work out. This of course was a lie, a delusion that alcohol and my twisted sense of how the world works was able to indulge in. One year tomorrow… I never thought it was possible, though at times I knew it was probably necessary, before i went back into full denial. I wanted to express my appreciation for this site and all the people that make it work. I’ve come to realize its like anything else; we get out of it what we put into it. Special thanks to Carol for soliciting my full story (it brought tears to my eyes). I will post it tomorrow. The miracle is always happening if we are aware.

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