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    Good Morning Day 10 and Hello Friends!

    Number 1: I told my wife. She has observed that I have not been drinking lately but she hasn’t been counting the days like I have. In fact, I’ve observed how she has not been drinking as much lately either. Hopefully, I’m having a positive impact on her.

    We were invited to meet some friends at the local bar for dinner. I’m sure you have similar places where you are but there are many bars here that serve extraordinary food – not your typical bar food and these places could survive if they were restaurants exclusively.

    I was hesitant to accept the invite but decided to anyway. I then told the wife that I’m “on the wagon” and wouldn’t be drinking at the bar. She asked me why I told her and I said just in case the topic comes up as to why I’m not drinking.
    I was looking for her to support me in case friends started saying “just one” or any other of those all-to-common lines people use to coerce you into having a drink.

    Secondly: My teenage daughter had a couple of friends over and they all ended up driving to another house in town. They arrived home at 11:40 pm and for once, I was able to walk outside and greet them as they arrived home (and also attempt to uncover any scent of alcohol or alcohol-related behavior).

    In the past, I’d just stay in bed since I was too bombed to get up and if I had to get up, I would stagger and end up saying something totally stupid in front of my daughter and her friends.

    Sobriety is awesome. It’s a whole new beginning.

    Thanks for reading.

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