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    Well, things came to a head when my partner volunteered to quit right then and there onstage in the middle of a gig. With two “f you’s”, he left. Thank God a friend had come with his truck to collect the rest of our gear in case he didn’t come back.

    I think our friend maybe beat him over the head a few times to knock some sense into him. He came in and apologized, and some positive, constructive conversation came of it.

    Obviously, we’re nowhere near out of the woods, but it feels like positive forward motion is not out of the question.

    During the first set I just recited the Serenity prayer in my head over and over… that I couldn’t change him but that I could have serenity in my current situation. Between that and 3 calls to my sponsor, I survived the night sane and sober.

    Thanks for the support, everyone… it’s been a HUGE help.

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