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    I am a 20-year-old college student. Like most college students I drink on the weekends. However, unlike most college students I’ve seen alcohol ruin lives. My Dad is an alcoholic and it caused problems in my family for many years. He has been sober now for a year and a half but it’s still a constant battle for him.
    Now I know alcoholism runs in family and it certainly seems to run in mine. I never drank in high school because of everything with my Dad. The first time I got drunk was freshmen year in college. Last year, I wasn’t too bad. I didn’t drink very often and didn’t always get drunk. However, in the last few months’ things have changed.
    I feel like I can’t control how much I drink. I always promise myself that I’m not going to overdo it but I ALWAYS do. Every time I drink, which is Thursday, Friday and Saturday night I black out. Every single time, without fail I wake up and the last chunk of the evening is missing. I wake up the next morning feeling extremely sick and embarrassed once I’m filled in on what I did the night before. A lot of the time I wake up still drunk and am always badly hung over. Sometimes I am even sick for an entire week afterward because of having a rough weekend.
    Now I don’t really think I have a problem, like I think I just can’t control myself and am not being responsible rather than having a problem with alcohol. I’m not stupid though and I know it can become a problem. Plus forgetting 45 percent of my weekend is not exactly the best way to live. My friends are getting sick of having to deal with me when I’m drunk (Like I literally get to the point where I can’t walk, am passing out at parties and won’t listen to anything anyone tells me) and I feel really bad but it just feels like I can’t control myself. It’s like once I start drinking; I just need to drink more and more. I know I should probably just not drink at all but the truth is I really like to drink, Like sometimes I won’t drink like I don’t HAVE to drink, I just do so to have some fun but I’m not like addicted. I just have a problem controlling the amount I drink. I just need to find out how to drink responsibly so I don’t make the same mistakes as my Dad.

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