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    I had posted awhile ago about my upcoming holidays in “wine country” and had contemplated changing the destination, but decided not to….to do so, to me means that alcohol would have won….and I’ve had enough of alcohol controlling my life…controlling where I go..what I do etc……I will be celebrating 4 months on the 25th, maybe at the beginning of my recovery it would have not been the best thing…but these past few weeks I’ve really thought about it….wrote my feelings out…talked about it….and feel strong enough and “equipped” enough to handle the vineyards, the people drinking and all that holidays bring…..I love this place, and look forward to really seeing it threw sober eyes…. I think with every holiday I take, wherever it is since I am an alcoholic, the temptation to drink will be there…it’s what I do with that temptation that really matters….. by the grace of God I go!!!

    Have a wonderful long weekend to my fellow Canadians!! and a wonderful weekend for all!!! 🙂

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