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    That’s me, left to my own thought this weekend. About 9 weeks sober and doing well, but last night the fam left for the weekend till Sunday and I couldn’t go due to work (small biz owner/work for myself but have tons of work) so I told them “bye” yesterday. No thoughts at all of drinking yesterday one bit!

    Today I have been great morning and afternoon. Went to a meeting this morning at 10am, talked to my sponsor around 6pm…Right now at 11pm…”okay” but could be better.

    Anyone else had these thoughts that get stronger when your alone? I’m “okay” and sure I wont drink tonight. But I’m wondering why I feel so much more venrable(sp) late at night when I’m alone than I do during the day. I’ll talk with my sponsor tomorrow morn about this same thing, but just wanted to bring this up here tonight and see what you guys thought. Is it just the night that makes us feel more alone/open to those old thoughts??

    Why can you wake up feeling great, and at night go to bed feeling questionable? seems weird.


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