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    Well internet friends it’s been nearly a decade but thanks to sobriety I’m now attempting to get my license back after a “few” DUI’s. The amount of paperwork and effort is ridiculous but I accept today that’s what I have to do. I don’t think about “what if I crashed and hurt someone” when I was drunk driving. The past is the past. I finally realize that I deserve better than the drug/alcohol lifestyle that I lived for so many years. I just had a updated DUI evaluation and it went good. I was 90% truthful. They even had me do a surprise drug test which I wasn’t happy about but I did it because I know I would pass. I don’t like being watched while I do the test. 🙂 I had to get 6 letters from friends/family/AA members, pages of treatment notes ect…
    Thanks to the program of recovery I have “high class” problems today. If I don’t get my license back at the hearing next month I will try again in Oct.. It’s not the end of the world. Being physically addicted to alcohol/drugs sure felt like the end of the world though. 🙂

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