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    Ever wonder when the drinking of a toxic liquid
    came to be considered acceptable behavior?

    I’m thinking the liquor industry used the media
    to sell this destructive hog wash of an idea.

    It was never thought of as social or normal
    when I was growing up. I did not know anyone who drank.

    The movies in the 40’s made drinking seem
    glamorous to me. Same with sex and cigarettes.
    I jumped willingly into all 3

    I sure did not know anything of addictions or recovery.
    Many years later….I came to know both.

    What I personally find so darn disturbing is how many
    alcoholics apparently are agreeing to the hype
    that “normal” people drink. …:headbange

    It’s my observation and experience that is a lie.

    I see misinformation stated as facts.
    Ideas and concepts often misquoted
    to push an agenda or their choice of recovery.

    It’s my observation and experience that
    there is no wrong way to recover

    Strive to be the very best person you can be
    Be productive …healthy…joy filled.
    Please don’t settle for anything less in your life.

    We can and do recover…..:funjump:

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