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    Sometimes I just sit still and think about where my life was six months ago. I’m at the point where I find it really hard to comprehend how I functioned as a drunk; always hungover, erratic and anxious. I used to go to work constantly hungover and sweaty and sick ( we all know that feeling ). It baffles me why I felt the need to live like that. Right now, at this very moment six months ago, I would be just getting up after a fitful nights sleep. I had the sneaky hangovers that would kick in full force around 12 or so. I would be useless for the rest of the day; depressed, sick and head pounding. Two weeks shy of six months later, I got up at nine, wonderfully refreshed. I brewed my coffee and got ready to head out to the lake for a walk. I know I sound somewhat nauseating to those who are in the early days of their sobriety but you need to know, it really does get better. I know the beginning days are hard because you feel like you have lost the one thing that made you happy. That is an illusion. Sobriety is the only thing that will make you whole again. I feel really blessed this morning. Almost six months sober…..and feeling pretty damn good 🙂


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