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    Well I return to some old behavior. I had a horrible storm that fried my LCD television and DVD player. I did not have a power surge protector so my stuff got fried. It had a in-store warranty of 1 year and of course it was 1year and 2 week. 🙁
    I demanded the store fix it & lost my temper which resulted in nearly getting kicked out. However, I calmed down and explained the situation that I had not idea why it doesn’t turn on. Of course, I left out the lightning strike in the backyard. Basically I lied which I did on a daily basis when drinking/drugging. I even lied here at 12 Step National Meetings in the beginning claiming I was sober for years while hitting the bottle. I lied at AA meetings claiming i was sober, family, friends ect…. The point is that I think sneaky old behavior leads to the eventual relapse. Which for me is a very dark and dangerous place to be. Thanks for reading.

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