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    I’ve been through the steps, have let go of all resentments in my present awareness that I know of, but one seems to keep coming back. And it’s not so much “what happened” but rather what “keeps happening” and more or less the charactor of this individual.
    I work with this person and have to see him every day. I spoke to my sponsor and others and they suggested praying for them, which I do every day and night. I pray for him to be prosperous, etc., and also try to paint him as spiritually sick. The inner hatred or resentment seems to go away for a while then something sets it off. I really dislike this person because of the charactor, shady, arrogant, pompous, dishonest, manipualitive, boasting, insincere, etc., And the part that adds fuel to the fire is they have others fooled thinking that he is great, caring and a hard worker while he cunningly paints a false picture to everyone around him. I see through it and at this point I wish I didn’t if that makes sense. I’m also open to the fact that I’m dwelling on it, a charactor defect of mine which God has taken away in many other areas of my life. I’m not sleeping well, this may be in part to the resentment and being tired and exhausted puts me in a negative state of mind I realize.
    I’m praying on it everyday and asking God to help me to be kind, loving and tolerant of this person but the fact that the intensity of anger/hatred still pops up is upsetting. :a108:

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