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    Hi everyone

    Just wanted to share something that isn’t a big deal for most people but it was for me.

    On Monday me and a friend went to the cinema, it was a hot day so we stopped off in the pub where I had a very nice pint of COKE with loads of ice and chilled out in the beer garden. Apart from feeling untold jealousy for those people happily supping there ale I had no problems at all. In fact I felt pretty damn good.

    Then we went to see the film which was one of the best I’ve seen for awhile. This is the bit I’m most chuffed about. This is the first time I’ve been to the cinema in more years than I can remember where I didn’t fall asleep just as the film started due to the many pints of not coke I would drink before hand. It got to the point where I stopped going altogether because it was just a waste of time, I could fall asleep at home for free. Besides being a home alone drinker I could pass out in front of a DVD and pick up later where I left off.

    Since I started my recovery I’ve been through, and still going through, all the usual bad stuff. I don’t need to tell you guy’s I’m sure, you know the physical changes, the feeling really low, guilt etc etc. BUT monday was a good day.

    Tick the positives. 1. Lovely day 2. Good company 3. Went to a bar and ordered a coke. 4. Watched a really good film from start to finish. 5. Walked home feeling pretty damn good.

    Little things I know but they meant alot.

    Before I go a big thank you, THANK YOU, to all of you on 12 Step National Meetings. Tomorrow I will have done 1 month dry. I never thought I would be able to get to a month, not in my wildest dreams and I wouldn’t have done it if it wasn’t for this site and the people on it. Your all fantastic people.

    once again THANK YOU

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