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    hello all,

    So this past week, I finally came to the point where I was either going to quit drinking, or else I was going to start having some serious repercussions with family, friends, and work. So I stopped. For me, it hasn’t ever been so much a physical addiction as a mental one – I used drinking as a crutch to deal with emotional issues, stress at work, and loneliness. However, over the past few years my life has become drastically better (great job, more money, bought my own home, etc.) so I finally got to the point where I asked myself: why am I still doing this? It was more of a habit than a need for me. And so when I started to see some serious physical problems with myself, I decided to quit cold turkey this past week. So far, a week and I don’t have one desire to take a sip of alcohol…in fact, I actually feel REFRESHED in the morning instead of sick to my stomach, which I am loving.

    However, I have some serious questions about my health, and was hoping that outside of going to a doctor, someone who has experienced something similar could give me some answers. I have been drinking heavily for at least 4 years and unfortunately, for the past 2 I have basically been taking 12-14 shots of rum a night. I began reading up on symptoms of cirrhosis of the liver and unfortunately, I believe I have some of them. My urine is usually a darker yellowish color, and I occasionally (not always) have blood in my stool. While still drinking, it got so bad that every time I went to the bathroom I was having diarrhea, but since I have stopped drinking that has ceased. Luckily, I haven’t noticed any signs of jaundice such as yellowish skin or eyes, and since I’ve completely stopped cold turkey i’m hoping i’ve at the least prevented that. However, I can’t seem to find any straight answers on if/when my liver will ever heal from the serious damage I’ve done to it over the past several years. I know what I did was stupid but I’m now in a better place and I’m ready to move on with my life – and I don’t want to start making commitments without at least having an idea of if/when I can start seeing some improvements, if ever.

    Any help or data that one could provide (outside of the canned text I’ve read about 100 times now over the net) would be appreciated.

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