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    Hey everyone! It has been a while since I started a thread on here. Just going to update with what is going on in my life. Today is day 75 for me and life has been “normal”. I visited my aunt today and she knows of my alcoholism. In fact, she is a little more connected than other family members because she is in Al-anon for her husband. Anyways, we had lunch and i’m currently training for a aquathlon and I was telling her that I was open water swimming this morning for 2 miles. I dont think she really cared but she told me that she was just happy to see me living life. By the way, during my swim, a group of dolphins starting swimming next to me and the group. It was amazing but it freaked me out at first cause i thought it was a shark.

    Like the title of this thread, currently i’m living a normal life. Every day, I wake up when i’m supposed to wake up and I go to class. I train, study, go to aa meetings and do errands. I actually get the feeling of not having enough hours in a day and I cant wait until Saturday arrives. Saturdays are where I get to just unwind, sober of course. As each sober day passes, I find myself doing what i’m supposed to be doing. I am progressing in life and feeling good about it. None of this would have been possible if I was still drinking. I was actually one of those NON functioning drunks and the last time I drank, I knew my binge wouldnt have lasted another 2 more days. How horrible is it that even though you want to keep drinking, your body wont let you? I guess maybe it is just my higher power intervening.

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