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    so my buddy and i went downtown atl to get a couple 50 bags of H and right after we grabed it we got pulled over. we were in a nice car on rims in a bad area so i cant blame him. i talked to the officer about my/our problem and he kinda took it easy since i was honest about buying th dope and showed him were it was right when he we ended up in rice street/fultoncounty jail. it was hell both of us ( and another frined who hapend to get caught for the same thin about a mile down the roaad at the same time) were withdrawling really bad. i had my suboxone and was told id get some from the nurse but those damn gaurds woudnt help me or take me to the nurse. so i stuck it out for 2 days and got through wat i feel was the worst. freezing cold metal benches and cement floors suck. o yeah i got a bed for 3 hrs and they gave me a clonidine that really helped for a few hours. anywy i was in for 2 days 1 night. and when i got out i had to face the parents. they never thought id ever use heroin and took it to the extreme. i told them im ready to change my life around and live free of everythiing. opitaes and benzos( didnt have a benzo problem but would tak em if they were there) and just clean of any chemical. so im home in my bed now < god it feels good to be here with my dog and my family. im not gonna take any suboxone or anything and just stick it out. i just keep telling yself that iv felt worse and i got through that and i Will get through this. i guesss im just sharing my story and venting in hope of some good suport to kep me motivatd. im 20 and have been on opiates for little over 3 years now and am ready to live like i used to. i cant wait for that feeling again . i no it will be awhile but coming off H will be faster then subs so wat the hell. i send my wishes to those feeling like i do and to anyone withdrwling in jail because it sucks. well that was my weekend and i feel it happend for a good reason. now i just have to worry bout that feony i gotta get rid of somehow. thanks 12 Step National Meetings i love you guys.

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