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    Long story and a question.

    I been abusing mind altering substance since I was seventeen. In 1986 I was sick and tired of being sick and tired and I put myself in to a 24/7 re-hab. I graduated re-hab in 1988. Yes, I was in re-hab for two years. For eleven years I use the rooms of NA. In 1999 I moved to New Jersey and I stop going to meetings. 2001 I relapse on narcotic pain med’s and I was off to the races.

    All of these situation happen because of an active addiction I had from 2001 to 2004. I surrender to this disease April of 2004. I use the rooms of NA to stay clean and sober. The damage was done from my using days. It was to late recover my loses. Financially I was paying Peter to pay Paul until it all caught up with me.

    Around August of 2006, the car dealership were I bought my car call me to let me know that I had miss a car payment. Looking back at my records they were right. I call them back to tell them I couldn’t pay them right away. I ask them if there was any way possible that we can work this out. Mind you this was the forth car I bought at that dealership. The response was if you cant make the payment in five days we are coming to pick up the car. Six days later the repo-man is backing up his tow truck, good by car.

    Not a problem. In my garage I have a 1989 vehicle that I park there in 2001. I dust it off, charge the battery, turn the key and she started right up. I let it run for a few minuets. I step on the clutch and try to put it in reverse and nothing. Push bearing is shot. And no money to get it fix. Now I have to walk almost two miles to get to work. I share this with my sponsor. He keeps telling me don’t worry just wait for the miracle, it will come. A couple days go by. Am in the companies pick up truck and I decide to take a ride to a no name transmission shop not far from my job. I wanted to get a idea what would it cost to get my car fix. $1400 hundred dollars. Wow.

    As I stood there in shock. One of the mechanics walks in and said we are going to need a hot water pressure washer to get that grease off that trany. I look at the sales man and I said, hey I have a $2,000 dollar Hotsey hot water pressure washer, want to trade, fix my car for the pressure washer. Got my car back in two days running like a charm.
    Miracle number one.

    In the beginning of October of 2006, I was about to lose my house to foreclosures. I already got the court papers. I had two weeks to come up with the money to stop the foreclosures or the Marshal was coming down to lock me out. In 2003, when I was abusing drugs/alcohol, I filed for bankruptcy. I absolutely had no way of coming up with that type of money. I share this with my sponsor. He keeps telling me don’t worry just wait for the miracle, it will come.

    A new employee starts at my job. They ask me show him the ropes. We start talking and I brought up the situation about me losing my house to foreclosures. He gives me a name and phone number of a realtor that help him out in the past. With my back against the wall and I accepted the reality that I was going to lose my house I made the call. The realtor bought my house. Not for what the house was worth, but I made out pretty well. Considering I was going to lose the house anyway.
    Miracle number two.

    I had absolutely no credit. With the closing of the house, I needed to find a place to live. I went out looking for a place. I had to fill out credit/background applications. I had to pay for the application processing out of my pocket. Fourteen application in total. Every application was denied. I share this with my sponsor. He keeps telling me don’t worry just wait for the miracle, it will come.

    It was Saturday morning two days before I had to hand over the house keys to the realtor. I had to be out the house by Monday and I still have no place to live. With my bad credit I couldn’t rent a moving truck. The realtor was nice enough to rent one for me. The idea was I would put all my belongings in to storage and then I would live out of my car until I find a place to live.

    I needed to get help to move. At my job we use a agency that staffs temporary workers. I ask one of the temp workers if he wanted to make some extra cash to help me move. Me and the temp worker proceeded to move me out. It took us two days to move every thing I owned to storage. I had an appointment that Saturday afternoon to go see a furnish room. I was so desperate to find a place to live I took $3,000 dollars with me, just in case I had to bribe the owner. I got there and they just rented it out.

    I started to drive back to the house. Instead of getting back on the parkway I decided to go a different route. On the drive back the temp worker pointed at a RV dealership and he said, one day am going to own a RV and travel the entire country. I said to him I wonder how much would it be to rent an RV. I made a u turn and went back to the dealership. I started to look around when a sales man came up to me and ask if I needed help. Yes I said. Do you rent RV,S and the sales man says yes we do. How much are they to rent. He said it depends on the size of the RV. I said how about that one. It wasn’t to big or to small. It look just right to live in it for a couple of weeks until I find a place to live.

    The sale man said its $174.00 dollars a night plus gas. I said a night. Wow. Well there goes that idea. I started walking back to my car and the sales man says to me how many days are you looking to rent maybe I can work some thing out. I told him about my situation. I sold my house and I couldn’t find a place to live. I had to move out by Monday.

    I got in my car and started to leave the dealership when the sales man came running towards me and said I have something to show you. He said someone just traded it in
    Nothing to lose I followed the sales man to the back of the dealership and there it was a 24 ft class c rv. I said how much, he said $3,500 dollars, I said I got $3000 dollars in my pocket right now. On October 16, of 2006 I become the proud owner of a 24ft class c rv.
    Two Miracles on Miracle number three.

    I pick up the RV Monday afternoon. By the way do you know how much it is to insure a RV. Are you sitting down. $108.00 dollars a year. But now where do I park this monster. I call several trailer and campgrounds. They were ether seasonal or full. I can drive it to work but I cant keep it there over night. At night I started parking the RV at the food town supermarket parking lot, 7-Eleven parking lot, Advance auto store parking lot. All these places are close to my job. But I knew I had to find some were to park this monster. Winter was coming. I share this with my sponsor. He keeps telling me don’t worry just wait for the miracle, it will come.

    One cold morning I was sleeping at the parking lot of food town when someone started banging on my rv door. I woke up and open the door to my surprise it was the township police. He said you know I been watching you, one night you’re here another night your at 7-Eleven what’s going on. I told him my story. He said here, he give me a phone number to a campground were he keeps his RV. He said call them and tell them I give you this number. I call and as of this November 2007, I will be at the campground one year. Living at the campground has been one of the best experience I ever had in my life.

    From paying $1,500 dollars a month for a house mortgage to paying $450.00 dollars a month all utilities included except for the propane gas. I have all the comforts of home. Cable tv, internet service, swimming pool, miniature golf course, laundromat, coffee shop, I live with my two cats and this past summer I had a fantastic and fun time.
    Miracle number four.

    The mechanic at the transmission shop, the new employee at my job, the temporary worker, the sales man at the rv dealership and the township police. All coincidence…I don’t think so. As long as I continue to follow the spiritual principles of Narcotics Anonymous and have a strong faith / relationship with my higher power. Miracles do happen. True faith is the result of surrender coupled with experience that my higher power can and will do for us through others. Bliss my sponsor. He keeps telling me don’t worry just wait for the miracle, it will come. Well.. It did.

    So tell us what Miracle have you received from your recovery.



    thank you so much for this post! the serendipity of a recovery well lived! 🙂 my other half and i have toyed with the idea of packing it in and getting an RV…..its very cool to see that very thing working out in someone else’s life……please keep us updated on how this new RV lifestyle is going……basically, live my dream for me for a while and let me know how it goes!!!! 🙂 congratulations…..


    Thank you Ivan for that post. I enjoyed reading that.


    Very cool Ivan ….very cool.


    Thank you Ivan for that wonderful story.

    The only miracle I have received from my recovery is I’m rediscovering myself and my family and the ability to feel. Nothing as interesting as that story, but very satisfying.


    And someone was asking if the 12 step programme worked………



    How this sounds to you…all summer on Saturday nights the campground had a Dee Jay playing music and karaoke, free hot dogs and hamburgers. Sunday mornings waking up around 10:00 and walking over to the general store for free brunch. Mmmm… pancakes, sausage and eggs. yummy.


    I discovered when I take my will back I feel pain. When I turn my will and life over to my Higher Power who is Loving, caring, greater than our addiction, and ourselves. Miracles do happen..





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