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    Hello everyone, been over a year since I’ve even visited this forum. I’m happy to report that I have been sober since June 19th, 2005. Almost 5 years!! It doesn’t seem possible that I’ve managed to not drink one single drop of alcohol for that long. Before I quit I was drinking 8-16 beers There have been a few times I’ve wanted to pick up a drink but I haven’t, and for that I am so grateful.

    I hope you all are doing well and those of you who are new to this recovery process…hang in there. Keep trying and trying and trying. No matter how many times you fall off the wagon do not give up! It will eventually stick with you and you’ll realize just how much of life you have been missing out on. There is always, always, always hope. I’m living proof because I didn’t think I would ever be able to stop drinking. But I did and so can you!

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