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    Loss of Enjoyment of Life

    I used to work for a law firm that handled plaintiff’s side auto accidents and other personal injury cases. One of the things we used to sue for was “Loss of Enjoyment of Life”.

    In the last few days after my last, and by last I mean never again, relapse, I realized that alcohol has caused me to lose enjoyment in almost everything I loved in life.

    It makes sense though because the first thing that alcohol did to me was it made me unable to love myself. How can I love anything else that life has to offer if I cannot love myself first.

    With that I now despise alcohol more than I ever have in life. I am repulsed and mad at it. The last time I took that first drink it destroyed me. If I could sue alcohol I would.

    Instead I will surrender. I give up. I will work the spiritual program of AA and I will remove alcohol from my life. I am too repulsed to fight. I will let my higher power take care of it. I will focus on AA and living spiritually, humbly, and I will learn to love myself and most importantly love those most dear to me.

    In the past year I have had the most sober time in my life but I have never been this repulsed by alcohol.

    That is my rant for the day but I would like to hear how other people feel about alcohol and how they are dealing with it.

    Thanks for the support that you all provide and thanks for listening or reading as the case may be!


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