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    Wow. I just want to cry but I’m too tired.


    I typed out my first post here. It took me 30 minutes and it wasn’t even that long. It was just hard to write and when I sent it the page froze and I lost the whole post. Figures.

    This will be a briefer version of my last post.

    This week I admitted to my family that I’m an alcoholic and I need professional help to stop drinking. We talked about how my son will be taken care of while I’m gone (he’s 4 yo), the current state of my life and anything else that I sat there and blurted out.

    I did call my insurance co. and got some referrals that I’m looking up on the internet and really everything sounds the same to me. This weekend I may just have to pick one and go in and get started.

    My son’s B Day is Monday and I really want to be here for it. He’s had a lot of losses and rapid changes going on lately (including the incarceration of his father) and I worry about how he’s adjusting but sooner rather than later I have to get started on taking care of myself.

    If I posted pics of myself and my house right now I’m sure no one would need any further convincing (including myself), lol.

    I’m glad and grateful I could post to night and read through the posts here. I need to get in the bed and go to work tommorrow which is getting harder and harder to do while acting like I’m ok.

    Anyway, thanks for reading and all of your sharing and making me feel a little less :react

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