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    It was the dad of one of my close friends I grew up with. His dad was an alcoholic and died after complications from a recent liver transplant.

    My friend’s dad was a great guy. He reeked of booze from the first time I met him as a 6 year old kid and my parents were always reluctant for me to go over and spend the night at their place. He was the janitor at our high school and a hard, hard worker. He never judged the students and was always around to help whoever needed a hand.

    He was stigmatized in our small town as the well-meaning, hard working, drunk( but never drank on the job) janitor. He was one of the good guys. Never hit his wife. Never missed a day of work. Always there to drive his boys to hockey and baseball practices. Renting us kids nintendo games when we didn’t have a nickel. He was one of these angels in the world who always put everyone else before himself and had a bad alcohol addiction. He leaves behind his two sons in their late 20’s, x3 beautiful grandkids, and his ever adoring & patient wife. This one hits home.

    I pray he’s off to a good place. He was 55. Rest in Peace, Elmer:cries3:

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