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    So many people have seemed to vanish lately … Like LostButterfly … I just checked, and she hasn’t posted in 20 DAYS?!?

    Some people I wouldn’t worry about in that amount of time, but I can’t think of a day that I didn’t see her here for at least the past 6 months. I’m worried about her. I hope she doesn’t feel unwelcome just cause she’s been struggling so long to stay clean. Lost, WE MISS YOU sugar!

    Howz about hairgirl, kittens5 and canuhearme? It’s been about as long for them too. krisgrace has been gone over a month and a half …

    Glad that XJ made his bi-annual appearance earlier this month, I had been thinking of him … too bad it looks like he left w/o telling us squat about what’s up with him …

    And you go back and look at some older posts, man there’s a lot of people that just dropped off the earth that used to post a lot … that we haven’t seen in months and months, man …

    Members such as klynn33 (aka krista), evanna, spica, butterflylover, shutupscott, madriley, lugnut, lavenderrain, peachyclean, butterfly19, luvbuckley … just to name a few …

    I want you all to know I remember all of you, I hope you’re all doing okay, and I hope you check in soon :grouphug:

    Hearing an update from my girls LT and Newsandi would be nice, too 🙂

    And Mikiglen (misti) … I really wish you’d pop in and tell us you’re alive …

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