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    Hi all.
    I got a DUI during my last drunk.
    In California you have to attend a one hour panel as part of your program.
    So I went to mine tonight.
    I am so tore up right now.
    I have not stopped crying for the last hour and a half.
    I am so lucky I did not kill anyone during my drinking career. All the times I drove drunk. I feel so terrible and guilty.
    I can not believe how selfish and stupid I was.
    The last speaker was a woman who got a DUI, quit driving and eventually got into recovery.
    When she had 4 years sobriety, her 17 yr old daughter and her best friend were killed by a drunk driver.
    I lost it and have not stopped.

    Has anyone else had to go through this program? If so, how did it affect you?
    Thanks for letting me share.

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