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    well today is day 8 of cold turkey off of highe doses of oxyconde and morphine for 2 years. and 6 years off pain meds all together. had bad night with husband he still isnt clean he has other addictions also but im doing this for me and my sweet daughter whom i love very much.i guess we will just have to wait and see what happens he told me last nigh that i was acting like i was a saint for only being clean for seven days and that hurt so bad that i broke a glass outside gave him a few choice words and went to our room and just laid there.and oh yeah by the way he offered me a oxy so i could feel better can you believe that.i dont know what the future holds for him and i but what i do know is that i am going to keep working on my recovery and to be a better mom to my “gifted”9 yr old daughter had to let everyone know she is very smart. thanks and please reply

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