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    So I’ve been dealing really well (I think) being sober, for about 2 weeks now. About 1/2 hour ago I was trying to find some salsa in the fridge and noticed there was a pre-mixed bottle of Margarita (one serving bottle), and my head started to spiral…. “if I drank that.. would I maybe catch a mini buzz?…” That is the first time since I quit that I can remember where I heard that damn alcohol voice in my head. There is no other liquor in this house, it was poured down the drain when I went to the ER. That botte was missed. It’s hard to be new here and read about relapses, ‘slip ups’ etc.. You guys are wonderful and so forgiving, but really… it’s almost permission, and yes that’s my head doing it’s alcoholism thing again. Makes me sick to think I even pondered drinking that when I still have a band aid on to cover my IV line from 2 weeks ago. I want to punch alcohol in the face! Have a safe Saturday all. I’m gonna pour that sucker down the drain and take a hot shower!

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