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    hey guys….so i wanted to get yall’s opinion on this article about MJ being an exit drug…and the entire “harm reduction” approach..

    (tried to paste link but wouldnt let me) you can google “Marijuana exit drug” and the articles come up.

    I personally have just recently come to terms with the fact that I, at the very least, abuse Vicodin. That is to say I take anywhere from 1 to 3 pills a day after work to unwind and get settled in. I have stopped before and I typically have a few days of low energy/motivation, irritability, but then its done and I dont think about it until i get gnarly back pain or something, then I take it for the pain but once the pain is gone, I just keep going till I run out, which could be 1 to 3 months.

    I am currently “on” right now, meaning Ive stopped and now back on for about a week now. I have 60 pills and I dont want to “go till Im out” and Im wanting to try and see if I can smoke a bowl after work instead and if that can take the place of the Vike’s…

    I know it goes against the traditional one size fits all of the 12 step programs but Im thinking more along the lines of harm reduction than abstinance…

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